Vicky Hinstridge: My Four Reasons

Hi, my name is Vicky and I wanted to let you know how the Triathlon Coaching Company (TCC) has transformed my training and give you 4 good reasons why you should choose the TCC.

1. Coach Chris

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Coach Chris. His knowledge, experience, understanding and patience has made a massive difference in my performance. In particular my swimming and running have improved dramatically under his coaching (these were definitely areas which needed some work ). With Chris it’s a two-way process: he listens and adapts training to fit in with your ever-changing needs and lifestyle.

My confidence has also increased with the help of his calm, considered approach. I am thoroughly enjoying having his support on my triathlon journey. I am even now considering a half-iron man and half-marathon, which I wouldn’t have said 8 months ago. I certainly am starting to think like a triathlete and less of an imposter on the start line. I couldn’t have done this without Chris.

2. Individualised training programme

The aim of the TCC is to plan around you, your lifestyle and goals to get you to start line in best possible shape.

At an initial 1-hour planning meeting with Chris we discussed my current training, areas for improvement and goals. We also discussed how much free time I would realistically be able to train each week, taking into account work and family life.

Following this Chris went away to review and set up a tailored monthly programme that was relevant to me on Training Peaks.

This programme is fantastic as you view your daily workouts in a calendar format and receive a daily email with your workout for that day. The app works on your PC, iPad and phone.

Chris reviews the programme with you on a monthly basis adapting it to fit around work, holidays and rest days, but still keeping a focus on your ultimate goal.

If you are using a fitness device, completed workouts are automatically uploaded to Training Peaks. This can then be viewed by Chris to track your progress. He then provides you with feedback on how you are progressing at your monthly catch ups. If you are like me and need a plan to follow you will love Training Peaks.

I have also learnt that the daily work outs aren’t set in stone. Some days life gets in the way and you can’t exercise, or you need to move things around. It is hard when this happens, but I am learning to move onto the next day and not look back on what I haven’t completed.

The most important benefits I have found working with Chris include:

Quality over quantity. Focusing on time on your feet/bike or swimming at a slower pace, rather than training hard all the time which I was doing before I joined the TCC.

The benefits of strength and conditioning, drills, good nutrition and hydration, sleep and rest days; also, listening to your body.

Having Chris available to message online and receiving feedback on progress at monthly face-2-face meetings. Training can be quite lonely but it’s good to know that Chris is there if you are having a wobble.

Also, 1-2-1 sessions in the pool, have dramatically improved my swimming.

3. Group and online sessions

In addition to the individualised training programme there is also the option to train with other athletes of all abilities (when not in lockdown). There are weekly pool sessions, trail runs, and bike rides. I was really nervous joining the swim and run sessions for the first time, feeling that I would hold-up people, but I was immediately put at ease by Chris. These sessions are attended by athletes of all abilities and no one is left behind.

Also, at the moment as we are in lockdown there are weekly online strength and conditioning sessions and group rides on Zwift. This has really helped to improve morale and kept us going with training in the absence of any races.

4. Meet like-minded people

Training for a triathlon can be a lonely experience and we all have those moments when we can talk ourselves out of training, especially when it’s cold and dark. Arranging to meet another athlete for a run, swim or bike ride is a great motivation to get it done. I have made lots of wonderful friends through TCC, and we have encouraged each other to get up for those early morning swims or mid-winter evening trail runs. Being able to share the moment with someone else makes it easier and fun. We also there to support each other whilst training. It has been a great help for me to share pre-race nerves with other athletes and realise that I am not alone. Also, it’s nice to see a friendly face on race day.

To finish with the words of Coach Chris: Get up, Get out and Get it done