Workout of the month - April 2020

Training, April 01, 2020

This months session is all about strength and flexiblity. This workout is based around full body movements and a focus on core activities to really get you working hard!

This month we have a good focus on the things that you can do whilst locked inside.  This whole workout is designed to get you working relativley hard, whilst trying to keep it varied.  Don't underestimate the difficulty of this workout, it will get pretty difficult pretty quickly.

You can scale this workout to your own ability level by focussing on completing each exercise with good form and control, you will only complete what you can complete within the time limits, so the fitter you are the more you will do.


Warm up

6 minutes continuous exercises, gradually building the heart rate and warming up the muscles ready for the main set. 

30 seconds each exercise and repeat x1


Standing abs set

4 minutes of continuous exercises focusing on form throughout. 

30 seconds each exercise and repeat. 


High knee to elbow oblique (30s each side) 

Sprinter lunges (30s each side) 


Main set

Hi intensity interval training, focus on form throughout but keep working hard. Rest when you need to and always stay safe. 30 seconds each exercise, do all three exercises then rest 30 seconds, repeat each set 3 times. 


Make sure you focus on landing soft when doing plyometric jumps etc. 


Set 1.

Alternating reverse lunges
Lateral lunge


Set 2.

Sprint to vertical jump
Squat jumps


Set 3.

Wide leg lift squats
Basketball jumps



3 rounds of 30 seconds for each exercise, no rest to finish 😁.. 

Frog jumps 

Vertical jumps


Cool down

Cool down with a few static stretch focus on main muscles used, such as quads, hamstrings, flutes, back, and calfs.


If you enjoy this sessoin and would like to do some more we are currently offering some online group workouts suitable for all levels of fitness to keep you active during the unique situation we all find ourselves in.  Take a look here.


Enjoy and remember Get up, Stay in and get it done!